Awesome tools to do your own PR for Tech Startups

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Boost your PR with these comprehensive and easy to use tools. You can accelerate the growth of your business and increase visibility by choosing the best tools and do your own PR for tech startups!

Growing your email list and keeping your users engaged is one of the basic steps you should take care of. One easy way to make sure journalists receive your news is to optimize an email outreach system. Aweber allows you to track open rates and even automate relationship building.

Hey Press
Doing your own PR for tech startups can be a real struggle but Hey Press lets you search for journalists of your interest in a huge database. The pro version is giving you access to 120 journalist emails per month.

Answer The Public
Looking for content ideas? Search no more! The free consumer insight PR tool can help you understand the ways in which people are searching and asking questions around a topic. You will get one-pager that can be shared to prompt a conversation on how you could start answering your public better.

The PR tool is aimed to help you better target a marketing campaign, launching a beta product or just help with increasing your company’s visibility. Bloggabase is one easy way to get to the people that matter most for the product you designed helping you get valuable backlinks as well.

This social media monitoring tool is one of the pioneers in this domain being first to offer reports on social media accounts. The free plan is still open and you can get some basic monitoring even schedule your posts.

PR for tech startups
Hootsuite Dashboard

Press release & multimedia distribution, content marketing platforms, online newsrooms, social media monitoring – a comprehensive all in one PR tool you need to check out especially on product launches or major events that need a “little” visibility boost.

PR Newswire
PR Newswire is another classic that has gained the attention of million PR professionals across the globe. The PR tool allows you to distribute news, target your audience based on various industries and locations and does the heavy part of monitoring. The latest FLEX options can boost your visibility even more; you can choose to be featured on the Reuters billboards in Time Square.

For all PR professionals out there, Cision is a major help in distributing your press releases giving you access to over 1.6 million journalist contacts, outlets, and opportunities worldwide. They also offer media monitoring and media analysis. In case your startup just got funded, this PR software can really get you ahead of the competition.

Agility allows you to monitor, target and distribute content to journalists and influencers. With the PR Newswire tool, you can measure and report on impact after a very insightful research on coverage and current trends. Agility may be one of the most powerful tools in the industry, mainly because of its makers, the Cision owned company, PR Newswire.

Critical Mention
Just in case your intern to busy brewing coffee, you can monitor the 15 seconds of fame you had on TV or radio with this compelling and intuitive tool called Critical Mention. You will get real-time media monitoring and even edit and share coverage.

Critical Mention Dashboard

The free tool allows you to find relevant journalists and media outlets by what they have Tweeted about. For 69$ you can go Pro and get access to 20 media lists, each containing 500 media contacts. The golden PR tool offers you the possibility to monitor media mentioning on any topic on Twitter and get access to media relevant for your business.

HARO is used by major outlets across the globe to scout for subjects, get their questions answered and craft unique stories read by million. You can benefit from this platform for free, all you need to do is to create a free account and monitor the daily requests coming per email. Most of the pitches will not be successful, but one is enough to be featured in the right media outlet.

Influencer search tool allowing brands and agencies to search, filter, collect and directly connect with influencers large and small. This is one starting point for all the beginners that need some help finding the right influencers to promote their products.

Content Marketer 
Content Marketer helps you find and contact influencers via email and twitter. They offer email templates, scheduled sending and even automated follow-ups so your outreach is guaranteed to be more successful.

Semrush is more than just a PR tool. It helps you understand why your competition is better than you. Also, Semrush provides unique hints on where you should focus your attention in order to rank better and get more referrals. Just type in the domain of your competitor and get instant knowledge about their promo efforts. If it’s worth it, try to replicate their actions and be featured.

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